2: Fruitcake, Petpeaves, Sound Interpretation Axiom #2 - Big deal today — hermeneutic principle #2, a Bible study petpeave, and, of course, fruitcake.
1: What is this podcast? One important principle to remember for Bible study - Hello world. We equip you with the principles you need to rightly divide the word of truth: Hermeneutics 101! Find out what our first important Bible study principle is by clicking below.  
Meet the Williams pt.4 Our Vision - This is the last part of our series “meet the williams.” This week we talk a little about our vision for the Kuman people as well as our prayer requests for ourselves and the ministry. If there is anything we did not talk about that you want to hear about, leave a comment or message […]
Meet the Williams Pt.3-Life in the Tribe - Hey Everyone, this week we wanted to talk a little about what we do every day and why we are doing it. This process of language culture learning has been taxing to say the least but it is vital in seeing people coming to a deep understanding of the Word of God. Enjoy!  
Meet the Williams Pt.2 - We are doing a series of videos giving you guys and idea of who we are and what we are doing. Last week we introduced who we are and this week we wanted to talk a little about why we joined the Kuman work. Enjoy!

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