The Coalition, The Evangelical Elite, and Your Next Missionary

As my post 5 Questions I’d Ask a missionary Before I Supported Them keeps receiving attention (apparently we tapped into a concern within evangelicalism over here at EL1), I want to continue expanding on those 5 questions and why you should ask. But first I want to dispel a rumor going around and let you in on a little secret: I’m actually…

You’d better sit down. Or get off the highway. Wait why are you reading this and driving…?!

I’m pro-missions. I like that the church does this very much. We should keep doing it, but think more Ted Cruz/Marco Rubio than Donald Trump.

I’m really not trying to endorse anyone here, I know that politics doesn’t save sinners, the Gospel does — don’t get me wrong. ALL the evil America faces today is rooted in sin, and God ultimately is the One who raises up leaders to accomplish His will in History (that’s a relief, isn’t it?). But I use Trump’s appeal to a restless conservative base by way of analogy.

We know there’s a systemic problem within the culture of the Evangelical Elite™, seminaries, and, through trickle-down effect, the local church, because the vast majority of funds given by members is being spent to make those Evangelical Elite™ even more Elitier™. Remember all that money Mark Driscoll, Stephen Furtick, and Perry Noble spent to get their books on the NYT Best Seller List? And don’t get me started on those Amazing Conferences™ that spend vasts amounts of money to get you into those seats to watch some of those Evangelical Experts™ say some inspirational stuff so you’ll buy their books filled with secrets and follow them on Twitter.

The Church has roughly 3,000 times the financial resources and 9,000 times the manpower needed to finish the Great Commission (source).

There’s a rumble, a growing grass-roots movement of discontented Christians who are tired of seeing their “heroes” pandering to Black Lives Matter, Modalism, cultural mores and Star Wars fans. We’re tired of hearing the Gospel Coalition try to explain why they thought it was a good idea to bring unsaved, unregenerate people to their conference last year to lecture Christians on how to solve evil without the Gospel. We all know why they did, and it wasn’t to further God’s agenda.

We’re tired of our sisters being fed popular, yet turrible theology from Beth Moore, famous Catholic sypathizer and Joyce Meyer enthusiast who leaves her children for months at a time to write books for Elite’s sake.

So, as the pendulum begins to swing the other way as more of us wake up and the church gets back to a correct ecclesiology: who the church is, why it’s here, what it’s suppose to be doing, we have to make sure we allocate our funds wisely to missionaries who are qualified for the job.

Your mission board shouldn’t abandon their Christian values and standards when they choose their next missionary to support. Too many souls are on the line.


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