Definitely Not Bear Grylls

If you’re a regular reader of the “Every Last One Blog” or you follow us on Twitter, you might get the unfortunate and unintentional impression that Coleton, Will, and I are lone wolves in the Kuman tribe, just making it out there on our own — killing and eating alligators for survival, sucking poison out of eachother’s snake bites, and hoping some friendly mechanic will defy all odds and walk into the jungle to fix our broken generators and repair our computers.

As much as our sin natures would LOVE for you to believe that we’re Bear Grylls-ing in that unreached people group, the truth is that God has provided a sizable network of people working behind the scenes just so we can stay in the jungle every day, and they work just as hard and are often just as daring and adventurous.

We don’t file our taxes: wonderful support workers do that so we can minister full-time.

I won’t build my home by myself: men with actual skills in contracting will come and bale me out.

There are lots more: Highschool teachers, mechanics, spiritual mentors, guest-house upkeepers, doctors, dentists, dorm parents…The support network to keep one tribal work running like Kuman is vast — and we’re needy people!

And here’s the crazy part…they’re always understaffed, so

If you want to jump into one of these support positions and use your skill to reach Unreached People Groups — you can:

I’m glad I don’t have to be Bear Grylls out there. I would die within weeks. No. Days.

Hours. Yep, hours.



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