Quick Thoughts on The Christian Life – 10/27

In my old man, I’d much rather call evil good, and good evil. To say that I’d rather cling to what God hates and mock Him while I’m doing it is an understatement – I crave it! I’d much rather hold a thousand grudges, and expect mercy shown to me while I hold others to impossible standards.

In my flesh, during different phases of my life, I’d make my children, friends, elders, supporting churches, the Kuman, my wife, and myself the most important “thing” to me, de-humanizing them as I exploit their “resources” for my own power-hungry-purposes. I’d either work at McDonalds and hate everyone in my insecurity, or I’d kill myself trying to scale the corporate ladder.

How pathetic my lot, like a Zombie, only doing dead people things – living a dead, worthless “moral life,” or a dead, worthless rebellious one. Like the woman in Luke 7, as a member of Adam’s lineage, I have nothing. Either I cast myself at the feet of Jesus for the forgiveness of my sin, or I go on living in darkness, forever separated from life in God.

Unless God provided that perfume for her to wash her King’s feet, she’d go before Him empty-handed — unless God had provided the blood of Jesus for my righteousness, I could not love Him with the great love of a forgiven transgressor.

If God hadn’t have given me the light of the knowledge of my depths, how could I delight in the remarkable heights of His love towards me? As it says in Colossians 2, “As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him,” I know this truth to be just as valuable in my sactification as it was in my justification.

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