Why Would I (a missionary) use Facebook to Post an Opinion Like This? 

Today (well my today, your yesterday…I’m in PNG…whatever, it doesn’t matter) I posted this on Facebook:

Yeah, a few people disagreed, but to my shock, it didn’t draw as much vitriol as I prepped myself for. I looked up some key stats, got some important infographics ready to debunk the typical Planned Parenthood talking points (you know the whole, “PP does so much good, why shut it down?” nonsense), but I really only got to use one :(, and it was a good one; you know, the Democrats for Life in America statistics they put out…ah, it’s so good I’ll just screenshot it for you:


Sorry for all the annoying whiteness, but yeah, I know, it’s a good one. You’re welcome.

Anyways, I got some negative feedback. Some asked why I, as a tribal missionary who should be fully immersed in another culture, would get involved in this particular “political” issue, which is currently a hot subject in America? Doesn’t that just show I’m not as focused on the people group as I should be, i.e., I’m on social media too much?

Why would I use Facebook, a poor medium for give and take in conversation, to post an opinion like this?

What if some of my supporters fight for abortion-“rights,” I offended them, and lost their monthly gifts — doesn’t that hurt the future church too? (I didn’t actually get this Q, I made it up myself, but worth asking, no?)

Shouldn’t missionaries stay out of this kind of stuff? It’s unbecoming. It’s dividing. It’s a time-waster. 

 By the way, I’m writing this on my Friday night, so trust me, If these questions were important enough to pause Dr. House for a while and put away the popcorn, they are a big deal.

Oh, at the risk of losing you, check out @ThingsBetterThanPP. That account’s hilarious…it’s clever AND stupid at the same time. A fine line to walk. Bravo, anonymous Twitterman (still trying to coin that term with my best friend back at home; pronounced ‘Twittermn’).

Why say anything at all? Why not mind our own business and pretend post-birth abortion never happens?

Welcome to the 21st Century. Missionaries in the jungles of unreached people groups can look at websites. It’s a neat development (yes I’m using that ironically).

Back in the day, missionaries would probably read books in their down-time. I’m a Millenial, I didn’t grow up Little-House-On-the-Prairie-Style, so there is a community of Christian Twitterman™ I follow that keeps me in the know. They write nice blogs, Tweet neat thoughts…and I happen to read them. So when they write better articles than I could ever scribble together about PP and abortion like this this this and this, I read ’em.

So now we, all the way on the other side of the world, know the more-than-just-icky truth about the Murder-Mill that is Planned Parenthood.

My wife and I would LOVE to see all the political posts we see on Facebook that are offensive, off-putting, and annoying placed delicately into an incinerator and “thrown into the Water Chimbu” as we say over here. We’ve vowed to never touch the Dem. vs. Repub. debate on SM because it’s, to put it Biblically, unprofitable. Every problem in the world is a sin problem which means its a theological problem which means they are all solved by the one and only Gospel. 

Disciples do Jesus things — they share the Gospel and disciple people. Which also means we let the spiritually dead bury their own dead, even in the political arena. I never said “Don’t vote” though. Don’t put words in my mouth. I just mean politics isn’t in our wheelhouse. 

But guess what? This is different. Don’t you get it? Planned Parenthood is murdering babies outside the womb. But 70% of people haven’t seen the 7 Planned-Parenthood videos that reveal these facts.

Where do people watch videos these days? Do they go to Video Express, rent a nice block of plastic or “a video tape,” and view them? Nah, they do it through — you guessed it — social media. So those of us that want more people to know that PP is sawing babys’ head’s open and harvesting their brains for profit while the hearts are still beating, share it on social media.

A genocide is actually happening in our lifetime, in 700 different US neighborhoods, and I have a platform to raise awareness from the other side of the world. 

Ignore it, plead the 5th, act like it never happened? For what, support? How could we live with ourselves?

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.” ― William Wilberforce 

I hope you read that quote. I think its referring to slavery, but the principle is good — we don’t live under a rock; news spreads. If Twitter hadn’t of kept us in the know, the local newspapers would’ve eventually caught wind. Yes PNG has those too.

Does this reveal our ineptness as missionaries? Are we bad tribal church planters because we share this stuff on the very Facebook accounts people expect to see pictures of tribal people and our own children on?

(Here’s a run-on sentence for all you college-going folk)

If standing on a firm conviction that the Bible counts murdering babies evil/sin, we’re told to “reveal the evil deeds of darkness,” God wants those babies alive to believe the Gospel and take it to the ends of the earth, and we have basically the only platform people rely on for news at our finger-tips…

If that makes me a bad tribal missionary, I really don’t want to be a good one. We’ll take the paycut, the vitriol, whatever. I want Planned Parenthood to be exposed for what it is.  Many more lives are at stake.

Hope that cleared some stuff up. What do you think? 


  • 100% with you Justin! Just because we are serving the Lord in less-than-common places doesn’t mean that we have an opt-out clause from our home culture. Especially in this day and age of communication where even the most far-flung communities have access to mobile phones and the internet. If anything we have a greater opportunity to engage with issues because many in our Christian communities put us up there on some kind of pedestal and give us a platform from which to speak. There will always be those who are quick to shoot us down from that man-made pedestal (keeps us humble, eh?) and always be those who are looking for an opportunity to criticise what we do. It’s easier, isn’t it, than parting with some cash or putting your own life on the line!
    I read your anger in every line of this blog, it’s the kind of anger we all need to feel about such terrible sin. Thank you for stirring us up. Let’s all use this anger to fire us up with a passion for bringing the light of the gospel into every dark place – whether it’s western culture, PNG or anywhere else in this world.

  • You did fine. YOU were BORN here, YOU come from here, YOUR FAMILY is still here, YOUR CHURCH is still here…why in the world would YOU NOT CARE what happens here?? For someone to think ” Well your there now you have to stay there and not worry about the goings on back here and stay focused there”…REALLY? with that attitude and thinking YOU WOULDNT BE IN PPG!! YOU’D still be here!! IT DOESN’T GO BOTH WAYS !…you did good young Bullington…you did good.

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