Sin, Spurgeon, and the Missionary 

Satan roars like a lion, always ready and willing to destroy faithful men and women through jealousy and self-importance. It happens so fast too — we take our eyes off of the cross and what we actually deserve for a little while, so naturally, pride rears its ugly head. Once pride creeps in, faith in Christ ceases and we stop being thankful for all He’s done, because we’re owed all this good stuff we’ve stumbled into…so we tell ourselves. Yes…somehow, we stop being thankful to the Lord of the universe who gives and takes away according to His liking and will. Finally we give into all kinds of evil, just so we can pleasure the person we’ve been obsessed with all along: us.  

We get nothing but death out the whole thing (Rom. 6:23). What a sham.

Spurgeon writes,

“We beseech Thee, Lord, to enable us to recognize our death to sin; and when it tempts us may we be deaf to the voice of the charmer with the deafness of death; and when it would use our members as instruments of unrighteousness, may we be quite incapable thereof with the incapacity of death. O God, deliver us we ask Thee from the invasion of sin, as well as from the dominion of it. Grant us to walk as Christ walked; in His newness of life may we live may the life in the flesh be a life of faith upon the Son of God who loved us and gave Himself for us; and may it be a life of love, and consecration of burning zeal for God; a life of pure holiness; such a life as the incarnate God Himself has lived among the sons of men.”
A repentant missionary is a spiritually healthy one. We can’t let the “sacrifices” we’ve made to be here puff us up, blinding us to the fact that we’re as dirty as that hole people use to relieve themselves down the hill. Our righteousness is Christ’s alone!

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